Delicious Experiment

Happiness is going to bed knowing your passionfruit + dragonfruit marshmallow experiment came out deliciously, that you can almost certainly talk your teen into cutting them for you tomorrow (she seems to even like doing the cutting), and that you can get on with the next experiment, candied blood orange shortbread…

Recipes tomorrow, probably…

A Little Addicted

Um, I might be a little addicted to designing tea towels now. Help. Take this Procreate program away from me…

But really did want Autumn Logophile to complete the set with the Pumpkin Curry and Two Cups patterns. 🙂 They’re going to be nice hanging in my kitchen all together.

(Have ordered proof, so will be available on Spoonflower and in my shop once they process that.)

You Could Do Worse

If you STILL have lots of green tomatoes left, after making my chutney AND my lentils, and you’re just not sure what to do with them, you could do worse than to just toss them in a Sri Lankan-inflected pork curry or stew. I didn’t measure much of anything here, so I can’t give you a proper recipe, but the end result was delicious. 🙂

The BIG Holiday Package

The BIG holiday package ($85) gives you:

– a gorgeous hardcover of Feast
– two lovely coordinating tea towels (of your choice)

– 4 oz. of homemade dark-roasted small batch curry powder


(If you bought all these separately, this would be….$96.)

(Coming soon to the Serendib Kitchen store.)

Despite Best Intentions

You never did learn to speak Tamil, despite your best intentions, but at least Appa will be happy to see you celebrating the language with these tea towels.

Two tea towels + a hardcover of Feast = $80 of apologetic familial affection? 🙂

(Coming soon to the Serendib Kitchen store.)

The Foodie Friend

Then there’s your foodie friend, the one who’s hard to buy for, and has maybe had a hard year. I promise you, there’s nowhere else on the planet where you can get a Sri Lankan cookbook, homemade curry powder, AND a Sri Lankan pumpkin curry tea towel, all in one glorious package. 🙂 $65.

(Coming soon in the Serendib Kitchen shop.)

Dreaming of Writing Sheds

Sometimes you just want the big beautiful coffee table book, full of photos — my friend, the Feast hardcover is for you. And with your choice of tea towels; wouldn’t it be nice to browse this cookbook and simultaneously dream of building a writing shed? You can do both, at the same time, with this holiday package — $60 for a hardcover of Feast + tea towel of your choice.

(Coming soon in the Serendib Kitchen shop.)

Life Is Busy

I mean, you COULD make your own curry powder. But life is busy, so feel free to have a little shipped to you, along with a tea towel AND a copy of Feast. (No photos in the paperback, to keep cost down as much as possible, but you’ll get a link to an online archive of lovely pics.) This lovely package will run you $55.

(Coming soon in the Serendib Kitchen shop.)

Happy to Make Your Own

Maybe you don’t need curry powder, because you’re happy to make your own? (There’s a recipe on my website, and in the cookbook.)

But you’d really like a tea towel (maybe the 2021 calendar towel, marking what will hopefully become a better year) with your paperback copy of Feast? Can do. An even $50 + shipping will make that happen.

(Coming soon in the Serendib Kitchen shop.)