Passionfruit Gummies & Mango Mimosa with Pomegranate Seeds

So, I don’t have a recipe for you yet, because I think this version had a little too much gelatin. I did 5 packets to about 2 c. liquid (puree + water) I think, and the resulting gummies were quite firm; I want to try lessening the amount of gelatin, see if they still set and are a little softer.

But that said, they were tasty, Kavi enjoys eating them, and they’re fun for decorating a mango mimosa!

I’d hesitated to open a bottle of champagne for New Year’s, given that Kevin doesn’t like champagne much, so it’d just be me — but then I thought, well, it’s a gift that someone brought to my house in a previous year for a party, so it’ll be a nice memory of friends past, which is particularly appropriate for New Year’s (Auld Lang Syne), and I can probably convince my neighbors to take the rest of the bottle and finish it off (and they did). 🙂

The pomegranate seeds were both pretty and delicious in the mimosa; recommended!

Passionfruit & Berry Trifle with Passionfruit Gummy Bears

I didn’t write down a recipe for this, but basically:

– make passionfruit gummy bears (passionfruit puree & gelatin)
– make passionfruit curd (I used Nik Sharma’s recipe, available online)
– layer with ladyfinger cookies, berries, sherry if you like, and whipped heavy cream (no need for added sugar here)

– remember to chill 4 hours or so before serving

For the fruit, I used halved strawberries to make the pretty pattern on the outside edge, and filled in inside with fruit thawed from frozen — I think it was Cascadia’s cherries, blueberries, and strawberries.

Honestly, the gummies are fun to eat straight up, but maybe not the best textural element to add to a trifle — they stand out a bit more than I want, so not sure I’ll do this again, unless it’s for a kid’s party. It did delight Kavi. 🙂

Start How You Mean to Go On

Yesterday we cleaned the first floor, at least, which isn’t quite a whole home clean for New Year’s, but it’s a win, and I’ll take it. And this morning, I fed my people something delicious — bombatoast and bacon, with plenty of fresh fruit. If you look carefully, you will spot the top of Anand’s head, as he waits (im)patiently for me to be done taking photos and call him to eat. 🙂