Marshmallows of Serendib

The Marshmallows of Serendib
July 2018

Cook’s Notes
Master Recipe
Vegetarian Marshmallows
Vegetarian Passionfruit Fluff

The Marshmallows:
Passionfruit (with Vanilla Bean variation)
Chocolate-Dipped Passionfruit
Bloody Passion
Strawberry & Soursop
Blueberry-Swirled Soursop
Ginger & Lime
Mango & Lime
Mango with Chili & Lime
Chocolate-Dipped Tamarind-Chili
Rosewater & Pistachio (with Lime Variation)
Honeyed with Rosewater & Saffron
Spiced Coffee
Epilogue: Marshmallow Magic

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