Simple Variation on Sri Lankan Butter Cake

Just added some shredded carrots. Kavi and I agree that this makes the cake very healthy, and thereby a suitable lunch option. The carrots also add a nice amount of moisture — a typical butter cake you’d want with frosting and maybe a bit of jam or curd, but this is very nice as is, or accompanying a cup of tea.

Not Ideal

I tried mixing the pistachio, carrot, and candied orange separately into the three different colors of batter, and in retrospect, that wasn’t ideal. It meant that some parts of the cake ended up more moist, some more crunchy. I think this would be really good if you just mixed all those into the batter first, then, if you want to color it like this, divide and color.

Might As Well Go With It

See, the plan was to see whether I could make a more autumnal variation on a Sri Lankan butter cake, while still staying with Sri Lankan flavors. Why? No reason. This is just how my brain works, people. You might as well go with it…

Candied orange, pistachio, and carrot.

Still Technically Autumn, Right?

Finished up the Earth tier treat boxes and sent them out today. It’s supposed to be an autumn dragons theme — it’s still technically autumn, right? Until the solstice? Am I making that up? Shhh…

This is what goes in the Earth tier this time around:

• smoke marshmallow
• passionfruit / dragonfruit marshmallow
• tamarind-chili marshmallow
• rose, vanilla, and cardamom leaf cookies
• gruyere-crusted butternut squash scone
• spiced pumpkin muffins with cashew and crystallized ginger
• Sri Lankan rich cake (vegan)
• Neapolitan chocolate
• dragonfruit chocolate
• lime shortbread
• cashew-cranberry milk toffee
• autumn fennel candy
• botanical wood ornament

• botanical fairy tale bookmark