Passionfruit Gummies & Mango Mimosa with Pomegranate Seeds

So, I don’t have a recipe for you yet, because I think this version had a little too much gelatin. I did 5 packets to about 2 c. liquid (puree + water) I think, and the resulting gummies were quite firm; I want to try lessening the amount of gelatin, see if they still set and are a little softer.

But that said, they were tasty, Kavi enjoys eating them, and they’re fun for decorating a mango mimosa!

I’d hesitated to open a bottle of champagne for New Year’s, given that Kevin doesn’t like champagne much, so it’d just be me — but then I thought, well, it’s a gift that someone brought to my house in a previous year for a party, so it’ll be a nice memory of friends past, which is particularly appropriate for New Year’s (Auld Lang Syne), and I can probably convince my neighbors to take the rest of the bottle and finish it off (and they did). 🙂

The pomegranate seeds were both pretty and delicious in the mimosa; recommended!

South Asian-Style Spiced Hot Chocolate

(5 minutes, serves 2)

When I visited Paris, I got to try hot chocolate the way they make it, which is pretty much melted chocolate & cream — very different from the rather watery (and sometimes gritty) version Americans often encounter.

This recipe is a touch lighter than the French version, and inflected with spices you’d find in chai. The key to maximizing its deliciousness is to use high quality ingredients — dutch-process cocoa, excellent chocolate chips (I use Callebaut or Ghirardelli), and nutmeg grated fresh (your microplane grater will make this easy).

The end result is luxurious enough to serve at a dinner party, but is also just right for comforting your stressed out student facing exams, or for just indulging yourself at the end of a long week. And if you want to make it just a little more French and a little more indulgent, feel free to substitute in half a cup of heavy cream for half a cup of milk!

2 c. whole milk
2 T unsweetened cocoa
1 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. ground cardamom
1/8 t. ground cloves
pinch of nutmeg
pinch of cayenne (optional)
1-2 T granulated sugar (2 T is more American-style; 1 T a little more bitter & French-style)
1/2 c. bittersweet or semisweet chocolate chips

mini marshmallows for serving (optional)

1. Place milk, cocoa powder, spices, and sugar in a small saucepan. Heat over medium/medium-low heat, whisking frequently, until warm (but not boiling), and the cocoa and sugar have dissolved. Add chocolate chips and whisk constantly for another thirty seconds or so, until the chocolate chips melt and distribute evenly into the milk. Serve hot, ideally with a few mini marshmallows on top!

Flash Sale

I have some goodies left over, so if you missed out on the September treat boxes and are sad, you can still pick one up for $30 if you like. It won’t have everything that was in the Patreon box, but it’ll have more of the things it does have, so it’s still nice and full.

• jasmine rose black tea (in a test tube)
• mulled apple cider, honey, and jaggery marshmallows
• banana scones with candied ginger, cranberry, and a jaggery-brown butter glaze
• chocolate cayenne sandwich cookie with mango curd

• salted caramel iced cookies

Just comment below if you want one (I think I can do 5 more with what I have on hand), and we can arrange payment via PayPal…

Ridiculously Silly and Fun

This was ridiculously silly but also fun — I packaged my teas in test tubes. Why? I don’t know! They’re pretty that way. Hopefully the Patreon recipients will find some other use for the test tubes when the teas are done — fill them with bath salts or some such. And I have enough test tubes left for holiday gifting, so I hope my friends and family all like tea.

Rose Fizz

We may not be able to visit a tropical island right now, but I did make myself a cocktail to enjoy poolside in a plastic cup. 🙂

Rose Fizz

1 oz. rose simple syrup
2 oz. vodka (I used rose-grapefruit vodka)
1/4 t. citric acid (you could use lemon or lime juice instead, but then your finished drink will be cloudy and yellow)
ginger beer

Mix syrup with citric acid and vodka, add ginger beer, top with rose petals and enjoy.


(Rose simple syrup is basically boil water and sugar until sugar dissolves, reduce heat to simmer, add rose petals and cook for ten minutes, strain out rose petals; should store well in fridge for months. This batch I’m using is actually from last summer — planning to make ice cream with it tomorrow.)

Roses and Hibiscus Tea

If you’re growing roses and hibiscus, you can easily make yourself a lovely tea. I actually didn’t use my own hibiscus flowers for this, I should note — they aren’t blooming yet, so I used some purchased dried hibiscus, which you can buy in bulk online.

I added some citrus peel — slice thin and dry in a 200F oven for 20-25 minutes or so. Also some Ceylon cinnamon, but that, I didn’t try to grow myself.  I’m not sure I can manage cinnamon trees in Oak Park.

The little packets will be going out in the Patreon June treat boxes, though I did also pack up a nice big bag for a local friend. I like this tea with honey, lime juice, and a little candied ginger — brew a pot, and then enjoy it chilled on a hot summer day. Though it’s also tasty hot!

Passionfruit Moscow Mule Recipe

Kevin handed in his grading, and I have about an hour left to do tomorrow, I think, so I’ve started the summer cocktail experiments. Woot!

(This is where I pause and reassure my dad that I am still very much a lightweight and hardly drink at all, he doesn’t need to worry. I will nurse one drink like this for an hour, and most weeks, don’t have any alcohol at all. Okay, onwards.)


Passionfruit Moscow Mule

(makes two servings)

4 ounces vodka — I used grapefruit & rose, mostly because it was just SO PRETTY, yes, Ketel One, you got me

1/2 cup passion fruit pulp

2 tsp lime juice

8 ounces ginger beer

fresh lime to garnish

I would say that this is tasty, but only if you like sour. Between the grapefruit vodka, the passion fruit, and the lime juice, you have three kinds of sour going here. If I were making it again, I’d rim the glass with jaggery sugar, for sure.

Kev and I were talking about how this compares to a whiskey sour (which is often my bar drink of choice; I’m a girl who loves the tang), and he said that whiskey has more complex flavors for the sour to play against, so it works better. I think that’s probably right — this cocktail is fine, but I wouldn’t say it’s really interesting, as it stands? Will have to think about how I’d want to tweak it.

Side note: I do have a particularly sour batch of passionfruit puree on hand right now, so that may be affecting my assessment slightly. Fresh passionfruit is often more sweet than this. So maybe just adding in a little sugar would address it. I’d also like to make it with some fresh passionfruit, because all the little seeds would look cool in the drink. So expect to see another variation on this sometime, whenever I can get my hands on fresh passionfruit. (Pete’s sometimes carries it…)