Making Mango Fluff

Mango fluff recipe is over at the Serendib Kitchen blog:…/mango-lime-pineapple-fluff/

Along with a video of me and Kavi making it together:

Kavi made this for me for…Mother’s Day? Something not so long ago. Very kid-friendly recipe.

I’ll note that you can totally use vegetarian gelatin for this. I haven’t been able to get vegetarian gelatin to set well enough for actual marshmallows yet, but it works fine for fluff.

I’m not sure how to make it vegan — I’d need a substitute for the Cool Whip, which has skimmed milk in it. I’m guessing you can whip coconut milk? I should try that sometime soon; if I can, then I can include it in the Vegan Serendib cookbook.

More of a Family Party

Mango fluff all done, although if I get a chance to cut up some fresh mango and use it to decorate the top I will — there’s crushed pineapple in there already, but fresh mango will make it a) tastier and b) prettier.

It’s also a little disconcerting not having all my pretty serveware, but I’m cooking at Jed’s and then transiting up to Alex and Christa’s, so I decided that foil trays really were the better part of valor here. I’m sure they have some pretty serveware I can use, but since I have to transport anyway, foil trays are just practical as heck. This is more of a family party than a formal party. 🙂

A Willingness to Chop Onions

Me: Sweetie, are you going to be up for a while?

Jed: Another hour or two.

Me: Can you dice five onions and slice five shallots so I have them ready to cook with in the morning?

Jed: Sure!

Reader, if you suspect that a common thread in my partners is their willingness to chop masses of onions for me, you would not be wrong.