Marshmallow Magic

While I was at the board retreat yesterday (4.25 hrs, whew!), Kavi started working on our picture book, “Marshmallow Magic.” She got so much done! 4 pages (these are two-page spreads) drafted already! Only 22 – 26 to go…

Kavi said it was okay to share process photos with you. 🙂 I think she’ll need to re-do the layout on the second one, to allow for the gutter in the middle, but still, very cool!!!!!

Sunday Evening Snacks

Sunday evening, Kavi and I were studying together — I was prepping my syllabi, and she was doing homework. Kevin brought us study snacks. 🙂 Not visible but also on that cutting board, fresh mozzarella and prosciutto.

More Like Crisp Fudge

Sri Lankan cashew milk toffee has a texture similar to pralines or New England maple candy — it’s not really a toffee, despite the name; more like a crisp fudge? It melts in your mouth — it’s really the texture that I love so much.

That does mean that cutting it into squares can be a little challenging sometimes, and so if you order them from me, they may not be perfectly square. That’s how you know it’s ‘artisanal.’ 🙂

I’d Kick Off a Candy-Making Business With This

I don’t really think of myself as an inventive chef — most of what I do is just trying to find and share great recipes, with perhaps a little refining to my tastes. But I admit, I’m pretty proud of the flavor combination in the Dragonfruit Nebulae chocolates.

Kavi and I both find these addictive, and have been known to eat up every little bit of leftover chocolate in the bowl, on the cutting board, etc. White chocolate, dragonfruit, citrus, and white pepper.

If I were actually going to start a real candy-making business (not going to happen!), I’d kick it off with bars of this. 🙂

Recipe here:…/dragonfruit-nebula-bars…/

Fiery Burning Blazing Love?

I think I just call these chili-chocolate roses in the shop, but I feel like they want a name. Fiery Love? Burning Love? Blazing Love?

Although it’s just a hint of chili, really, so it’s not so fierce as all that. 🙂

What Ended Up in Earth Treat Boxes

I have been more scattered than usual lately, and as a result, completely forgot to label my spring Patreon treats before sending them out. But this was what ended up in the Earth treat boxes:

  • one iced vanilla sugar cookie
  • two lime & white chocolate shortbread cookies
  • one strawberry marshmallow
  • two pieces of Sri Lankan cashew milk toffee
  • one mini chocolate fudge bundt cake with chocolate ganache
  • one piece of Sri Lankan love cake
  • one chocolate-tamarind scone
  • one little bottle of redbud syrup (nice on pancakes or in cocktails / mocktails; store in fridge for up to 6 months)
  • one mehndi tea light (not made by me, but so cute)
  • one bar of handmade soap
  • one lavender heart sachet
  • one resin pendant / necklace

Whew! There’ll be some more items in the higher tier boxes that I’ll send out next week, but at least for now, I’m suspending the higher tiers, as they were getting a little complex for me to manage and cutting into writing time. So just Earth tiers right now — $10 / month gets you a treat box 3 times / year. The next box will ship around September / October.

(And in theory, you can request just food items if you’d prefer and I’ll put in more of those, but I completely forgot to do that with Dawn‘s this time, sorry, Dawn! I was losing my mind a little bit the last few weeks…)