Still Technically Autumn, Right?

Finished up the Earth tier treat boxes and sent them out today. It’s supposed to be an autumn dragons theme — it’s still technically autumn, right? Until the solstice? Am I making that up? Shhh…

This is what goes in the Earth tier this time around:

• smoke marshmallow
• passionfruit / dragonfruit marshmallow
• tamarind-chili marshmallow
• rose, vanilla, and cardamom leaf cookies
• gruyere-crusted butternut squash scone
• spiced pumpkin muffins with cashew and crystallized ginger
• Sri Lankan rich cake (vegan)
• Neapolitan chocolate
• dragonfruit chocolate
• lime shortbread
• cashew-cranberry milk toffee
• autumn fennel candy
• botanical wood ornament

• botanical fairy tale bookmark