No Bad Marshmallows

Kavi came home when I was packing up marshmallows for the Wonderland treat boxes, and asked if there were any bad ones she could eat, and I had to say no, because I’d made just enough this time.

Don’t feel too sorry for her, though; I’ll probably make another batch of passionfruit marshmallows in the next day or two, so she’ll get plenty, and those are her favorites. 🙂

#1 in Cooking

Well, this is exciting. 🙂 Vegan Serendib is #1 in IngramSpark’s “COOKING / Regional & Ethnic / Indian & South Asian” category!

Booksellers, please do feel free to place orders, and if you’d like me to do an event for you (virtual or in-person), let’s talk! Reviewers, let me know if you’d like a copy!

Official launch is November 15, which I’m just realizing is only 5 days away. Eep.

They’ll Have You Seeing Stars

The Caterpillar says, “Won’t you try my marshmallows? They’ll have you seeing stars…”

Smoked & salted vanilla marshmallows three ways:

– dark chocolate with crumbled graham crackers
– ruby chocolate with a dizzying array of colored sprinkles
– white chocolate with green glitter and gold stars