Copies of Feast for my mother and her siblings

Heh. I was just thinking that I need to set aside 9 copies of Feast to send to my mother and her siblings (Amma is the oldest of 9), and then I realized that as soon as my aunties get their copies, they’ll start looking through the recipes and likely scribbling in the book to mark their own changes and amendments and variations…and that is exactly how a family immigrant cookbook should be treated. 

“What, she used *how* much vinegar in this? Aiyo!”
“Well, I like things tangy, Aunty. You know that…”

Sneak peek Feast event at Jake’s Place

This is the sweetest — Bill Fletcher at Jake’s Place dropped off a framed poster for my upcoming sneak peek Feast event, along with some invite cards. What a wonderful surprise to appear on my doorstep!  Aww….

September 29, 3-5 p.m. — mark your calendars, locals!

Featuring a Cook-Off! Come and judge how well Bill’s friends do… 🙂

New fabulousness on offer, one of them TIME SENSITIVE!

Small press publishing is complicated, full of ups and downs — here are some major unanticipated problems with Feast, but also some new fabulousness on offer, one of them TIME-SENSITIVE:

It turns out that I deeply misunderstood the printer, and in order to get the significantly better pricing on the BIG order of 2000 hardcover cookbooks, the books won’t be available until end of December. GAH! I have to admit, I sort of freaked out when I realized that, because I had visions of missing all the Christmas / holiday gifting, and not being able to sell the books, and having 2000 books moldering in a warehouse somewhere in Canada. But Kevin managed to talk me down eventually from my financial panic, and I think it’s going to be okay.

Here’s the new plan:

– we have the Mascot Press books (offset printing, so much lower cost per book) in warehouse at the end of December, barring shipping delays; to be safe, we set our launch date for March 6, 2020 — when I’m an Honored Guest at FogCon in Walnut Creek ( Bay Area folks, I’ll be doing a launch party there, and encourage you to attend! There’ll be other Bay Area events that same weekend, including at least one in the Mountain View area.

We have a launch date! It is FIRM, dammit.

• I’ll continue launch month with a follow-up launch party at ICFA, in Orlando, March 20th weekend, which I also encourage folks to attend. You don’t need to be a registered member of the convention to come to my party, but it’s a great con, so I encourage folks to take a look ( I go every year. I’ll also be at WisCon in Madison on Memorial Day weekend, of course (my home con), and Benjamin Rosenbaum and I are planning to do road trip book tour in July — details pending. We may even record some podcast episodes as we go.

• we hold off on any major publicity until launch time next year. In the meantime, we do have print books in hand — the Kickstarter edition, each one signed, from my own Serendib Press, should be here by Monday. Eep! Those will be mailed out to Kickstarter supporters. If you haven’t filled out the BackerKit info, Kickstarter folks, please do — there are 6% of you that we’re waiting on.

(Absolutely no pressure, Kickstarter peeps, but we’ll also be messaging hardcover supporters to ask if you don’t mind waiting until the March launch date — it’ll save us a bit of money if so; we’ll be sending out ebooks within the month, we’re pretty sure, so you’ll have the recipes regardless. But totally fine if you want your hardcover books SOON! We’ll assume that’s the default, unless we hear otherwise from you.)

• we’re going to do a special series of Sneak Peek events, giving those in the know (that’s you folks!) the chance to pre-order, attend parties, and generally be in on the fun. You get to be part of the exclusive club.  Pem and I are still finalizing the list of events, but it’s generally places I was already going for other reasons, or near where I live. So here’s a few of them:

– I’ll be in the Bay Area next weekend, and I wasn’t sure, but it looks like I’ll have books with me (woot!). I’m planning to stop by Charlie Jane Anders‘s Writers with Drinks, possibly elsewhere, and will carry a big bag of books with me. If you know you want to pick up a book from me then, please let me know, so I’m sure to bring enough! Paperbacks $25 and hardcovers $40 (unless you pre-ordered, in which case, you get the discounted Kickstarter pricing of $18 and $35).

– The first local sneak peek event is coming up soon, Sunday, September 29th, 3-5 pm. at Jake’s Place Books, 142 Harrison Street. Locals, if you haven’t had the chance to check out this new LGBT-owned bookstore, you have to swing by! More details on the event soon — there is some discussion of a cook-off? I will have Sri Lankan treats on hand.

– And one more event, that you only have a few HOURS left to get in on, and which I’m VERY EXCITED about — my very good friend and member of my writing group, Amanda Daly, is also an incredible cook, and she makes really fabulous bagels. In the last year, she’s been holding pop-up bagel events, which always sell out remarkably fast — people, including me, queue up for these bagels! She’s opening a brick-and-mortar store here in Oak Park, which is VERY EXCITING, but also, there have been a host of unanticipated expenses, which I have tremendous sympathy for, having gone through something similar, though on smaller scale, with the cookbook project.

So I’m REALLY EXCITED to offer a Kickstarter reward with Amanda — for $60, you’ll get to support a great local project (two of them!), come to my home, and enjoy a fusion brunch featuring a variety of bagels and cream cheeses paired with an array of Sri Lankan accompaniments (seeni sambol on a bagel turns out to be DELICIOUS), along with mango and passionfruit mimosas, tropical fruit salad, coffee and homemade chai. Plus, you’ll get copies of the two previous e-books: The Marshmallows of Serendib and Vegan Serendib, and the opportunity to buy Feast at the discounted Kickstarter price. (Accessibility note: my old Victorian is sadly not wheelchair accessible, and we have a dog and two cats.)

At the time of my posting this, there are just 38 hours left to go on Amanda’s Kickstarter — and lots of other great prizes at different levels, if something else appeals to you. Even if you just want to throw in $1 to help a terrific woman get her small business off the ground, it’d be appreciated! So check it out!

Whew! So that’s the update, and as for me and Feast, more soon!…/1097158538/daly-bagels-daily


Oblig info: “My new Sri Lankan cookbook, A Feast of Serendib, launches on March 6, 2020, but we’re doing a long, slow pre-launch of the special Kickstarter edition in the interim. Right now, we still have discounted Kickstarter pricing available for pre-orders, along with Kickstarter goodies — you can pre-order here:

If you’d like to support the development of more mostly Sri Lankan recipes, I’d love to have you join the cookbook club — for $2 / month, you’ll get recipes delivered to your inbox (fairly) regularly:

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Thanks for your support!”

The first shipment of Feast paperbacks

OMG. The first shipment of Feast paperbacks arrived and they look beautiful. Thank all the little gods.

I have to admit, I actually felt queasy as I started opening the box, afraid there would be something terribly wrong. But no, they’re gorgeous. Whew.

(Okay, I do want to tweak a margin, but aside from that…)

Hardcovers due on Monday. Starting to feel really real now. I made a book! (With lots and lots of help…)


EDITING TO NOTE: Kickstarter pricing still available, if you’d like to pre-order, along with Kickstarter goodies. I’m not quite sure how long that’ll be available — my publicist, Pem Hessing, and I are still figuring it out. But for a bit? At least.  Pre-order here:

EDITING AGAIN TO NOTE: If you’d like to support the development of more mostly Sri Lankan recipes, I’d love to have you join the cookbook club — for $2 / month, you’ll get recipes delivered to your inbox (fairly) regularly:

And here’s all the foodie social media:

Serendib Kitchen blog:
Serendib Kitchen Instagram:
Serendib FB Group:
Serendib FB Page:

Thanks for your support!

Afternoon in the garden, late summer.

I can’t remember if I planted this, or if it just showed upon its own, but it’s pretty splendid. Illinois native, early goldenrod.

Meadow rue (thalictrum rochebrunianum) — blooming a little late this year, but I’ll take it. Six weeks of blooms in shade make this plant a treasure; one of my woodland garden favorites.

Feeling grateful to the people who told me a begonia hanging basket could handle a fair bit of shade and a whole lot of neglect…

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature

Afternoon in the garden, late summer.

Dahlias are starting to really get going…

Annual salvia, “Wendy’s Wish.”

Restless, despite being sick

Walked two blocks to Bed, Bath and Beyond, because I was restless, despite being sick; came home with apple cider pods for the Keurig (okay in a pinch, but real is definitely better), and a crackle candle with firewood scent — we’re all a little too tired for building a real fire tonight, but this will do me nicely for now, with the early autumn chill in the air. Maybe a fire tomorrow. Reading the Mormon homeschooler memoir, Educated, which is both beautifully written and heartbreaking. These children.



Looking ahead to next summer


We’re starting to look ahead to next summer planning, and the big questions are:

a) am I hosting a writing / creativity / food retreat in Sri Lanka, and if so when?
b) am I book touring with Benjamin Rosenbaum? (probably second half of July)

The main option of the retreat is after WisCon, so somewhere in the June 1-30 range. My tentative plan would be to serve as instructor and host for a 10-day retreat, but also spend some additional time either before or after the retreat with family, so we get some good Sri Lanka time when I’m not working.

So this is mostly a very early heads-up that if you’re the sort of person who might want to spend a fair bit of money on a tropical retreat with me and some other writer-types, speak now if you have a date preference. I’ll be working with Mandy Jayatissa shortly to select location, finalize dates, etc. and so on. You could also let me know if you want to be on the ‘notify me’ list for when it’s live. I have no idea how popular it’ll be, given the cost, but spots may go very fast.

Book tour stuff is going to be ongoing over the next year, much planning in the works. Pem Hessing is helping me put together a calendar.