Making progress on the mounds of milk toffee for Feast

Making progress on the mounds of milk toffee for Feast Kickstarter production, accompanied by interior design shows. That’s been most of today, with a few hours for soccer games.
Both kids’ teams won their quarter-final games (very little credit to my own kids in that, but hey, they participated), which means that, yay, we get to continue with two more games in the semi-finals tomorrow. It’s a good enforced break from cooking, though. Otherwise, my Type-A nature would likely have me buried under a massive pile of milk toffee by now…

By Wednesday, I’m supposed to have 11 batches (each a baker’s dozen) of cashew milk toffee and 5 batches of cashew-free milk toffee, and then there’s the ‘candy assortment with and without cashews’ (another 14 batches), which may or may not have milk toffee in it…

…depending on how many marshmallows I have left over after I make the marshmallow batches (chai, honeyed with rosewater and saffron, pistachio-rose, tamarind-chili, and chocolate-dipped passionfruit). I’ve done the plain passionfruit, and am going to dip the chocolate passionfruit next, and then I think I’m calling it a night — tomorrow, there will be more. So much more.

Onwards, brave heart. At least the children are feeling well rewarded for their exploits on the soccer fields today, as they’re getting their fill of off-cuts (milk toffee for Anand, passionfruit marshmallows for Kavi….)


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