Elotes in L.A.

I haven’t had the chance to eat a lot of interesting food on this L.A. trip — mostly serviceable hotel food. But was amused to see this take on elotes (Mexican street corn) — with Hot Cheetos! I haven’t had that before, and it was fun. Anand loves both corn and Cheetos, so I’ll have to try to make this for him.

Though I have to say, this dish was dry enough that I had them bring me some extra sour cream to accompany it. Charred corn = great. Dry corn = bad. I love elotes (one of my favorite foods to eat on a Chicago beach at the end of summer, along with a huge cup of ripe mango with chili, salt and lime), but elotes are supposed to be slathered with something creamy, people. I’m not a Mexican food expert, but I’m going to stand by this claim. Fight me.

Along with the classic cotija cheese, you can use Mexican Crema (ideally), mayo and butter, or sour cream. Just don’t serve elotes to me dry!

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