Mascot pre-order page is up!

Hey, here’s something exciting. Mascot has their pre-order page up for A Feast of Serendib! What does this mean? Well, they’ll fulfill orders as soon as they have books on hand, even though the official ‘launch’ date isn’t until March 6, when we’ll start doing a host of events around the country.

HOWEVER, they probably won’t have books in hand until end of December. So if you want books in time for the holidays, do still order them directly from my Serendib Kitchen site for the next few weeks.

ALSO, right now, you can only order paperbacks and ebooks from my site. ( ALSO if you’d like curry powder with your book, OR if you’d like the print books signed or personalized (and Stephanie, we should make that an option on that order page — I don’t think it’s set up for that yet.)

But if you don’t mind an unsigned hardcover arriving in January-ish, feel free to order directly from Mascot:

They’ll take care of fulfillment on all of those, so as soon as we’re all switched over to them, I’ll be doing a lot less packing of things and a lot more writing. 

(I honestly don’t know off the top of my head whether I make more money on books I ship out myself or through Mascot, but both are absolutely fine.)

Woot! This is starting to feel more and more real.

A book, a book!


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