Packing day!

The recipe postcards finally arrived, and they look beautiful, huzzah, so we can finally ship! Poor Stephanie has been rassling for hours this morning with the U.S. postal website, which is utterly failing to save edits right now (which would in theory let us print postage at home).


I think we’ve now given up and decided that it’s honestly simpler and faster to just print labels and take packages directly to the post office, rather than trying to arrange for pick-up (which we could schedule for Monday at the earliest anyway).


So these will be going out in batches, and I’m afraid the order is quite chaotic, so I can’t tell you who will get books first! But they’re going, they’re going. Out the door, into happy cooking hands…


I want to proclaim it Shipping Day! But it’s really more like the start of Shipping Weeks, I think. Close enough, though. 🙂

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