Gingerbread houses

Very holiday around here. Some of my students were a little startled that I’m the one who hangs the holiday lights on the porch roof at our house (in the midst of a discussion of domestic labor division), but as we discussed, there’s really no reason why men would be any better at working on a roof than women would — and in fact, I’m both lighter than Kevin, and have better balance. Way better to have me up on the roof! Aryabhata was not exactly helping, though.

I’ve been going fairly intensely on work all day (Feast shipping + some urgency in getting lights and hanging them off the porch gutters before the average high temp. dropped 25 degrees tomorrow), but we paused long enough to assemble gingerbread houses (from a Target kit) before dinner.

Then I came upstairs to crash for a little bit, and have been watching Holiday Gingerbread Showdown, but Anand and his grandmother just came up to show me the house he’d decorated and the little video he made explaining it. I think this is actually the first time he’s successfully decorated a gingerbread house, and he did it all by himself; he’s pretty proud. Also amused. I have to admit, I love his house much more than any of the ones on the show.

Kavi made a gingerbread house too. As you can see, she is just a tiny bit more painstaking than Anand.  I am impressed by both her dripping icicles and her cross-hatch roof tiles! May need to draft her into more serious baking with me soon…


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