Party-planning: brainstorming and list-making

Kavi helped me with the first stage of party planning last night — the brainstorming and list-making. We’ve checked off a few things already, but some items will probably fall off the list, and others will get added. The proportion of savory to sweet is a bit off right now, and I completely forgot to list the scones, clotted cream, and jam. What kind of postcolonial British-Sri Lankan party would this be without scones???

We also forgot to list the drinks! Mulled cider and spiced wine. Some kind of festive punch. And in theory, this is a tea party, so we’d better have tea…

Three days out from the party — today was confectionery (Which can, of course, be made weeks in advance, but there was this little Kickstarter to finish fulfilling…)


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