Last flash sale before Christmas is tomorrow

Okay, in the interests of my sanity, while we’re going to do one more flash sale this weekend for holiday gifts, the last one that should arrive in time for Christmas (if you’re in the contiguous U.S., at least), it is ONLY for things I have on hand already, so no special orders, please. Sorry! Books, signed and personalized! Sweets! Soaps! Cards! Etc! All first-come, first-served; indicate if you want something, and I’ll confirm if it’s still available, updating the counts as I go along, as I have time.

I’m going to take a little time to actually inventory everything that’s left, so the details will go up in an hour or two, so watch this space. Well, watch for the next post. And you might comment here if you want me to tag you into the sale post, because FB is terrible about showing people anything. Deal? Deal.


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