Cloved-clementine pomander

Cloved-clementine pomander. We will not be playing the kissing games of our college holiday parties tomorrow, (which inevitably resulted in many people coming down with colds anyway), where you use your teeth to take out a clove and then pass it to someone else, as a medieval breath freshener. We are not doing quite so much random kissing these days as we did in our early 20s. 🙂
Tip: It’s way easier to push the cloves in, even with a soft-skinned clementine, if you use a toothpick or skewer to poke the holes first! Also, recommend putting the ribbon on first, if you’re doing it as an ornament…
This does make a very nice addition for the kitchen ornament stand. The stand was my present to myself this year, a little commemoration of doing Feast — I’m planning to have all kitchen / cooking-themed ornaments on it, ideally ones that I would actually use in my kitchen.
My mother-in-law just got me the most adorable red blown-glass stand mixer ornament, and I have a few copper pots on it, along with a pomegranate and a lemon. (I should note that this is not an invitation to give me such things as gifts generally, as I will likely be v. picky about what ornaments I actually want for it…)

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