Sunday dinner: pork with sweet orange sauce

Sunday dinner this week, both Kavi and I were busy with something, so it ended up being Anand and Kev doing the cooking, in a somewhat minimal way. Kevin apologizes for not taking photos of Anand pounding the pork with his new Thor’s hammer meat tenderizer. Apparently, it took a little persuading to keep Anand from pounding it until pulverized.

They were trying to recreate the meat in a sweet orange sauce that the kids get at school — the end result was tasty, though Kavi says the school version is notably sweeter. We liked this, though.

The broccoli part didn’t quite work, though — it soaked up too much sauce and got a little soggy with it. If we made this again, I think I’d just roast the broccoli separately and serve it on the side. And oh, we didn’t even make rice — that’s leftover rice reheated from a previous order of Thai food.

End result, though, we lit candles and sat down together and ate and it was good. We tried playing Two Truths and a Lie, which only sort of worked. Maybe we need more practice. 🙂

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