Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day Flash Sale

Valentine’s / Galentine’s Flash Sale: $10 off most books, plus sweets!

Place orders in comments here, will confirm, then PM to arrange payment details via PayPal or Venmo. Sale ends @ midnight tonight, though sweets may run out sooner. Shipping & handling will be calculated on receiving order — usually $5-$8 within the U.S.

(sets of four, $10 per set, 2 sets for $18, 3 sets for $25)


a) “I Plight Thee My Troth” Marshmallows
(rose, passionfruit, and vanilla / love, passion, and home)
– 14 sets left

b) passionfruit, ginger, and cashew-filled dark chocolates
– 1 set left

c) chili chocolates
– 1 set left (but if there’s a lot of interest, I can make another batch today)

d) rosewater cream chocolates
– 5 sets left

e) mango cream chocolates
– 5 sets left

f) tamarind-chili marshmallows
– 15 sets left

g) assorted (chef’s choice, four different sweets)
– 12 sets left


A Feast of Serendib hardcover: $30
A Feast of Serendib paperback: $15
Bodies in Motion hardcover: $15 — Sri Lankan American immigrant stories about love and family
Perennial paperback: $7 (regular $12) — a little garden romance


4 oz. bag: $8


2 Replies to “Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day Flash Sale”

  1. Hey Mary Anne,

    I’d like to place an order for the hardcover Feast of Serendib and a bag of the curry powder.


    Barb Ferrer

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