Sending a little love into the world

NOTE! If you missed yesterday’s sale, I’m going to go ahead and extend it ’til 5 p.m. today, because I realized it won’t really affect my ability to get orders out on time. As detailed below…

Finishing up making sweets this morning — orders are mostly ready to be packaged up, though I need to finish a few sweets this afternoon. Next step for most of these is wrapping, which is fun; I love wrapping things in tissue paper and tucking in postcards and such; it feels like holiday gifting. Sending a little love out into the world. (I am such a sap.)

Around 10:30, I head into campus to teach, so will teach a few classes, and then be home around 2:30. I should be able to cut the marshmallows and toss them in powdered sugar then, also dip them in chocolate and decorate the tops.

Tonight, we’re hosting an OPALGA potluck (LGBT folks in the area, all are welcome to our monthly potlucks; it’s a great party with lots of very nice people and tons of yummy food — would love to have you join us), so I”m hoping to pack all this up and move it into the basement before 7.

(I should also cook something for the potluck — I’m tentatively thinking a big pot of beef smoore with rice, and I also have some jackfruit & chickpea curry in the freezer that I can pull out for the vegans.)

Then tomorrow morning, I have an iGov meeting from 8:30 – 10:00 (part of my library board responsibilities). After that will come packing up for shipping, which is slightly less fun than wrapping — I need to figure out what size boxes are the right ones to use, to be most efficient with shipping costs. Somehow that’s always harder than it ought to be.

Once that’s done, though, I can write back to people and tell them how much their final cost will be, so hoping to finish that by midday Saturday. (I may be able to figure that out sooner; we’ll see.)

And then by 5 p.m. Saturday, go to the post office, ship them out. That’ll be satisfying. 

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