Sharing my happiness with the world

Two things that just make me happy:

– shipping out a new copy of Bodies in Motion, a book I published in 2005 — 15 years later, this book still has some legs.  I spent four years working hard on it, so it’s very pleasing to know that new readers are still discovering and hopefully enjoying it…

– the adorable little handmade label I got to stick on this package of assorted confections. A set of six of them came along with some glass spice jars I ordered, so I’ve just been randomly adding them to some of the packages I sent out this weekend. Small cutenesses that have no real purpose in the world but to make people smile…

(Sweets: “I Plight Thee My Troth” marshmallows (passionfruit, rose, and vanilla), “Starry Nights in Serendib” marshmallows (tamarind & chili), rose creams, and dark chili chocolates.)

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