I tried something new last night

So, I tried something new last night — I put my laptop in my office at 9 p.m., and didn’t go to get it until 9 a.m. today. I read for an hour and a half before sleep (in the bath, in bed), and when I woke up this morning, I read some more (along with getting kids off to school, watering plants (picture me watering with book in hand), cleaning kitchen counters, etc. It was lovely.

I’ve been running a little too harried the last few weeks for reading much, and I think it’s a bad cycle to get into, because reading (and I mean reading longer work, fiction and memoir, etc., not just little FB pieces) calms me down and helps me think better.

I still felt the compulsion to check social media, so would jump on phone or iPad on occasion (hence the occasional sharing of things to FB), but I am much less likely to lose lots of time if I don’t have my laptop, mostly because I am too lazy to try to write much without a keyboard.

The downside is that when I do share things, it’s such a pain cutting and pasting quotes that I mostly don’t even try, and ditto even commenting on things I post. I’m going to go back and add a bit now to some of the earlier FB shares.

But still, this is better. I have *thoughts* now about Anthony Bourdain’s writing and Ruth Reichl’s. I like Bourdain’s a lot better, and am trying to parse out why. It’s all good.

More soon. 

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