Neopolitan layered chocolate experiment

Super-happy with this Neapolitan confection experiment! I had some bowls of chocolate left over from the Valentine’s fruit-dipping, and I didn’t want to waste them — had the brainwave that I could do a layered set of chocolates. And they are SO SO good. Luscious, creamy. The kids love them, and so do I.

I just melted the chocolate at 1/2 power in the microwave for 2 minutes, stirred, and then poured it into the molds. First white chocolate, let it set (30 minutes or so?), then ruby chocolate, then milk chocolate. (I wish ruby chocolate were more widely available; my local Trader Joe’s carried the chips for a bit, but don’t anymore. I buy big bags of couverture chocolate from Callebaut on Amazon now.)

At first I planned to carefully wipe up any drips on the inside of the mold — but then I had the brilliant idea of leaving them, so that it would look like the chocolate had dripped down — just like Neapolitan ice cream! I love the effect. 🙂

The colors are very appropriate for spring coming, don’t you think? They’re going to look fabulous on our Easter table, esp. if we do natural dying of eggs again this year; they’ll blend beautifully.

And the best part is that they’re also delicious; the gentle natural fruitiness of the ruby chocolate is so reminiscent of the strawberry in Neapolitan ice cream, it all just works. Honestly, if I had the energy, I’d figure out how to copyright this thing, so no big food manufacturers start making them. 🙂 But you folks, please, go ahead. Enjoy!

(They came out so well, I’m planning to make a few more batches, so a set of four will definitely be included in the first Serendib Kitchen Patreon subscription, woot! I’m not quite sure when I’m sending that out, since it’s already February — I’m thinking I might send one out in March, just for people who sign up at that level in February.

That would be a dramatic discount ($20 instead of $30, which includes shipping) on what is already a pretty great deal, but hey, that’s what you get for being an early adopter. If we send out by end of March, then they should arrive everywhere in good time for Easter. 🙂 Patreon link in comments. If we can manage it, time-wise, we’ll also do a flash sale sometime in March, but March is a little crazed with launch, so we’ll see. Maybe I can convince my assistant Stephanie that she wants to join the chocolate assembly line.)

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