Giveaway: rank your three favorite cuisines

GIVEAWAY! 9 DAYS TO LAUNCH, and we’re launching daily giveaways for these two weeks! Congratulations to the winners, Chris WaterousRob Gates, and Katy Kelsey Morgan!

Yesterday’s question told us that many people first learned how to cook a) cookies or b) eggies. 


Today’s question for the comments: Rank your three absolute favorite cuisines, favorite first. Go!

Mine are Sri Lankan, Ethiopian, and Japanese. They are the best, and I will fight you.

(Interestingly, even though I quite appreciate pizza, French sauces, a full English breakfast, etc., you really do have to go quite a ways down the list before anything European shows up, since first I’d be listing Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indian…)


Every day, I’ll be giving away three (3!) gorgeous eBooks of Feast, perfect for referring to while cooking, using a tablet stand in the kitchen, or just browsing curled up on the couch. ($24.99 value!)

So that’s 42 chances to win! 42, the perfect number, the answer to life, the universe, and everything. How could you not enter? And if you already have a copy, think what a lovely and unique gift it would make…

(You can only win once in this two-week period, but we encourage you to keep answering questions and joining in the fun regardless.  )

I’ll post by 8 a.m., and you just have to comment on the post by midnight CST to be entered to win. I will try to make it slightly fun, if I can, by coming up with a prompt, although if you really can’t think of anything relevant, you can just comment something random, and you’ll still be entered.
(If you feel motivated to share, I’ll be grateful. Right now, it’s all about building visibility for the cookbook; people can’t buy it if they don’t know it exists…)

Stephanie will be tracking, and will randomly pick and announce the 3 winners the following day.

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