Sustain Me Well

I was so happy eating Roshani‘s salmon curry last night — I was exhausted and just couldn’t cope with cooking anything. I had rice in the fridge, and that was all I needed. And then I finished it off for breakfast today (I almost ate it all last night, because it was so good, even though I was full), and that was also very happy.

It’s reminding me that if I’m going to be really busy with book tour, I should take a day, plan ahead, and make up some healthy easy food for days like that. Otherwise I end up eating random crap, mostly boring starches because they’re easy to grab.

I’m thinking a big batch of fish curry, divided into freezer storage containers, plus bags of rice, also frozen. Maybe a big batch of frozen mixed vegetable poriyal too. That’ll sustain me, and sustain me well.

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