Easter Dinner

I didn’t sleep well last night (stayed up ’til 2 for no good reason), so I’m afraid I was in a crabby and exhausted mood most of the day, and at 4:30, I gave up and went to go lie down in bed for a while. Thankfully, Kevin was able to get Easter dinner on the table, and I managed to climb out of bed long enough to join them for it.

It’s hard for me to be cranky when eating roast lamb with a vinegary mint sauce (one of my favorite dishes, and somehow I only have it once or twice a year), fluffy roasted new potatoes, asparagus with lemon and garlic. Also when the kids have decided my spring-y napkin rings of faux Queen Anne’s lace are really hair accessories. 

I went right back to bed afterwards, and eventually the kids and Kev joined me for the night’s Dr. Who episode, and by the end of it (the Shakespeare episode, which is really very fun), I was finally feeling like myself again.

Hopefully I sleep better tonight, but I made it through the day, so let’s count it a victory, shall we?

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