Doing My Part for USPS

Doing my part for USPS, shipping a dozen more copies of Feast out into the world; it makes me so happy thinking of people cooking from my cookbook, especially today, on Sri Lankan New Year. Happy New Year, folks. I’ll make some kiri bath and lunumiris sambol later. It feels strange not throwing a big party for the New Year, the way we usually do, a feast for all of our local friends, but at least there’s some Sri Lankan curry powder heading out in the world; that’s something.

I actually really love USPS’s priority mail flat rate boxes that they’ll pick up, postage-paid from preprinted labels, from my door. It makes running a micro-business much more feasible than it would be otherwise — we’re saving so much time this way, over running to the post office, and the flat rate boxes make it much more convenient to calculate postage for orders. Just great all around.

Reliable and affordable mail delivery is essential to a functioning civil society.


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