Rose Fizz

We may not be able to visit a tropical island right now, but I did make myself a cocktail to enjoy poolside in a plastic cup. 🙂

Rose Fizz

1 oz. rose simple syrup
2 oz. vodka (I used rose-grapefruit vodka)
1/4 t. citric acid (you could use lemon or lime juice instead, but then your finished drink will be cloudy and yellow)
ginger beer

Mix syrup with citric acid and vodka, add ginger beer, top with rose petals and enjoy.


(Rose simple syrup is basically boil water and sugar until sugar dissolves, reduce heat to simmer, add rose petals and cook for ten minutes, strain out rose petals; should store well in fridge for months. This batch I’m using is actually from last summer — planning to make ice cream with it tomorrow.)

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