Talk me Down

Okay, folks, I’m starting to feel a little stressed about my live cooking segment on TV this Sunday morning. Talk me down, because being prepared is the best way I know to battle this kind of imposter syndrome and anxiety.

Give me your best tips for being on TV, what should I do to prepare, etc. and so on. I assume starving myself for three days so I might look marginally thinner is not a good option, so skip that, but anything else? Help.

I’m already thinking I set up the kitchen in advance, with the iPad on its new stand, have Kavi or Kevin record (whichever one I’m going to make get up with me on Sunday morning at 7 a.m.), and do a test run?


• get groceries
• cook dishes that will be accompanying kale sambol I’m actually cooking (Sri Lankan red rice + basmati, either beef and potato curry or beef smoore, maybe a carrot curry? Trying to think of dishes that will look pretty on a plate, but also taste good together.)
• color hair (I’m thinking blue!)

• decide on clothes (I’m probably wearing a bright blue top, possibly with a grey short-sleeve cardigan, and small gold earrings. I think I’m reasonably settled on that.)
• do test run with tech, and in the process:
• make a finished version of the kale sambol to display in case the 4 minutes of time runs tight
• clean kitchen
• plug in iPad, make sure it’s charged

Sunday morning:
– awake by 6 a.m.
– do hair and make-up
– prep chopped kale, chopped tomatoes, chopped onion, so I don’t have to chop it all live
– dress in clean clothes
– set up iPad / stand, lighting if needed
– 7:35 — call in. go, go, go.

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