We Made it to Sri Lanka’s Daily News!

I’m finding myself totally curious about how newspaper articles work, because Gretchen McKay’s terrific piece on A Feast of Serendib has made its way from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to Sri Lanka’s Daily News! Would she have pitched them this piece? Do newspapers keep an eye out for pieces of interest and then buy reprint rights? Inquiring writer minds want to know. 🙂

But regardless, delighted to have such a lovely piece in the homeland major paper!

Mary Anne Mohanraj: Keeping the flavours of Sri Lanka alive in USA

Mary Anne Mohanraj missed a lot of things when she went off to college, but the thing she was most homesick for was her mother’s cooking. When her parents immigrated to Connecticut from Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 1973, they brought with them their fiery curries, coconut sambols and countless rice dishes.

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