Designing a Logo for Serendib Press

Kavi and I spent a while this evening working on logo design for Serendib Press. It was a collaboration, but she did most of the actual work!

  • the first sketch is hers, based on me talking about what I wanted to be in the image
  • the second is mine — I wanted to try filling out the scene a little, straighten the edges, etc.
  • the third is where Kavi took over, and I just served as the client, giving her suggestions — I can do some of the things she can do in Procreate, but not a lot of it, and she’s much much faster
  • the fourth is after we took out the outside border so we could straighten it, and added a window for balance, and gave the stars more presence, like steam rising out of the kettle
  • the fifth is we started playing with color, using the colors on the cover of Feast as a jumping off point, for cohesion

I’m going to ask for critique in the next post, so we can iterate a little further, but for this post, I wanted to show the collaboration process. And also brag on my kid a bit.

I told Kavi she’s getting paid for her work on this. What do you think a 13-year-old logo designer should get — same as adult? A percentage? Inquiring minds want to know!

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