Logo Design, Draft 2

Kavi’s and my logo design for Serendib Kitchen, draft 2. I think it’s pretty close at this point to a workable draft! We invite your critique to refine it further.

The text is in my handwriting, which is not the most beautiful, but does gives some of that homemade charm, or at least so Kavi assures me.

The first is the actual logo. The second version, with the words on the rug, I’m not sure we’ll use, but it did make me laugh because it reminds me of the Star Wars scroll, so wanted to share it.

The circle is just starting to futz around with what might make a nice small image for a sticker or a design element on a book or some such. I think we’re going to make the line weight heavier on the SK — I was getting sleepy at 11 p.m. last night, so I made her stop working…

As a side note, I’m really liking collaborating with her on art stuff — we’re working on a 2021 tea towel calendar for the next Spoonflower design contest now — and I’m now thinking that if we keep doing a lot of projects together, maybe we need our own little design studio that has a different name, not Serendib, to make clear that it’s at least half if not more her. Something to think about. 🙂

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