Sri Lankan Dal With Coconut and Lime Kale Recipe

I haven’t made this dish, but there are many Sri Lankans commenting on it, so I draw it to your attention. (Spoiler alert — they mostly don’t seem to love her version. The kale on the top is definitely not traditional, but in her defense, the intro does note that.)

(This is pretty different from the dal in my own cookbook. Which I think is delicious. But, y’know, I would. 🙂 )

Sri Lankan Dal With Coconut and Lime Kale Recipe

“Red lentils are the king of weekday cooking,” said Meera Sodha, the British cookbook author In this robust dish, she turns to quick-cooking red lentils, deepening their flavor with fried green chiles, garlic and ginger It’s not traditional to serve the kale on top, but it turns a simple dish into a luxurious, complete meal: Just add hot rice and a spoonful of yogurt on the side.

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