Any Vegan Sri Lankans in the House?

Do I have any vegan Sri Lankans in the house? I’m starting work on expanding Vegan Serendib, and I’d love to hear more about what dishes you particularly love and would want to see in a cookbook like this.

Other vegans are welcome to weigh in too, and other Sri Lankans, and, well, anyone, really.

Cover not final, but isn’t it spiffy? 🙂 Jeremy John Parker does great work!

One Reply to “Any Vegan Sri Lankans in the House?”

  1. Hi I’m really looking forward to this book (especially if it’s physical not ebook!)

    Some of my favourite Sri Lankan dishes are carrot curry, beetroot curry and of course parippu!

    What I would love to see are recipes that are good substitutes for meat (eg using tofu or jackfruit). I have only just begun using tofu in my Indian cooking and it replaces egg and paneer dishes perfectly but not meat. For meat subs I use cauliflower but I’m not sure how it would taste in a Sri Lankan dish. I also respect anyone who can make an amazing eggplant dish, so I look forward to those too! 🙂

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