Our First Vegan Serendib Pre-order

We got our first pre-order of Vegan Serendib, today, woohoo! Which also reminded me that I should tell you that it’s now available for pre-order. 🙂

I do want to be clear that there’s a lot of overlap with Feast, if you already own that — I’m developing about 40 new recipes for Vegan, along with about 60+ brought over from Feast.

Eventually, we’re thinking we’ll issue “Serendib Supplements” of some kind, so that people who bought Feast can get the new recipes from Vegan without buying a whole new cookbook. But I’m not honestly sure how quickly that’ll happen. I think we can get the digital version together quickly, but the print editions may take a bit. (And then the same thing with Gluten-Free Serendib, which we’re planning for 2022 release).

And someday, when there’s enough new recipes, we’ll hopefully do a glorious two-volume Feast of Serendib — twice as big, with ALL the recipes thus far, so completists can get everything in a coherent package. A real feast. 🙂 That’s at least 3 years out, though, maybe more.

So with all that in mind, here’s your pre-order link!


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