On the First Try

After yesterday’s frustration with the dragon candle and its many, many failed attempts, it was really a delight to have this one come out perfectly on the first try. So cute!

I can’t include it in the small Patreon boxes, because it’s just a little too big to fit into the small priority mail box, so it’ll be in the other tiers, and available for individual sale. I’ll ask Stephanie Bailey to add them to our Shopify site (once I try wrapping them in a padded envelope and weigh them, so she knows the shipping cost), and as always, we’re happy to offer porch pick-up. They’re lightly scented in cedar leather and amber, as part of the dragons knitting theme. Color may vary, depending on what mica powders I have on hand, but if you have a color request, let me know when you order, and I’ll try to oblige.

The next box will go out in March, and I’m thinking “unicorns in the garden” for the theme. I’ll also note that I’ve now enabled annual subscriptions on Patreon (a big commitment for me, but I think do-able). I think that means that instead of paying $10 / month for the first tier boxes, you’d pay for the whole year at once — it comes with a 10% discount, so a little bit of a deal. 🙂 The boxes will still arrive quarterly.

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