Higher Tiers of Help

About a month ago, we added some higher tiers to the Patreon subscription boxes that go out once a quarter. If you’re stumped on what to get someone as a gift, maybe a Serendib House 2021 subscription box might be nice? 10% off for annual subscriptions!

We’re happy to customize the boxes to work with people’s allergies (although keep in mind that we do use nuts and gluten in the kitchen, so trace particulates may be present for those extremely sensitive; we don’t use peanuts at all, though). We can also accommodate scent sensitivities, either by skipping body & bath products entirely and substituting in other items, or by sending unscented versions.

The base level (“Earth”) is $10 / month (which works out to $30 / box). This is what’s going in the next level up (“Sol System”), $15 / month ($45 / box):

– eight servings South Asian-style spiced hot chocolate mix, with marshmallows
– one test tube jasmine & rose black tea
– two pistachio-rose dragon iced sugar cookies
– one cardamom-rose knitted textiles shortbread
– two chocolate-cayenne gingerbread dragon eggs
– one candied blood orange shortbread
– three kinds of homemade marshmallows (rose & strawberry, passionfruit & dragonfruit, mulled apple cider)
– a set of five confections (two pomegranate & cayenne dark chocolate, dragonfruit, citrus, and white pepper white chocolate, blood orange taffy, silver-gilt milk toffee
– one little jar of candy-coated fennel seeds
– one dragonheart soap (pettigrain & cassia cinnamon)
– one dragon’s blood egg soap (rosewood, clove, & cinnamon)
– one jasmine soap (not on theme, but I had some extra, so)
– one yarn ball candle (amber & cedar leather)
– two little bookmarks (not pictured)

– and a silver star, just for fun

These are shipping out today! The theme for the winter box was Dragons Knitting; the spring box will be Unicorns in the Garden.

Link to Patreon here. Quantities are very limited, as they kind of take over my life for two weeks, and that’s about all I can spare, time-wise. 🙂

What’s great about these boxes (and Patreon generally) is they give me a nice reliable income stream, small but steady, that helps me make sure I can make payroll for my part-time staff, Stephanie Bailey, Darius Vinesar, and Emmanuel Henderson, without whom none of this would be possible!

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