Composing the Dragon Box

This was nice to put together — someone contacted me and asked about treat boxes for their employees; I put together 7 dragon-themed boxes and 4 knitting-themed boxes for them. I can’t scale up to doing this kind of thing in bulk (not without hiring a lot more staff), but doing a few orders like this is fine, and it’s fun composing the boxes.

This is what goes in the dragon box (I couldn’t figure out how to photograph it so you could actually see everything):

– Ice dragon soap (sweet orange & niaouli)

– Bronze dragon soap (cedar leather)

– Blood orange taffy (4 pieces)

– Sri Lankan pistachio & cashew love cake (2 pieces)

– Dragonfruit chocolate bar (white chocolate with dragonfruit, citrus & white pepper)

– Pomegranate and cayenne chocolate (2 pieces)

– Sri Lankan gilded cashew milk toffee

– Chocolate-gingerbread with a touch of cayenne gilded dragon egg

– thank you card (also a postcard they can mail)

– two little food bookmarks

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