Milky Way

Shipping out the “Milky Way” Patreon treat boxes today, $20 / month, shipped quarterly, so I was aiming for $60 value. Honestly, I think this is more like $100 value or a bit more, if you were buying these items separately, but I want my Patrons to be blown away. I think the recipients will be happy. 🙂

These include (roughly left to right):

– a Serendib Home tea towel (this recipient picked “Plaid-ish,” part of the Chess Battle collection)
– 8 oz. curry powder
– an assortment 5 dragon greeting cards (drawn by me and Kavi)
– mini bookmarks (I think I did two sets of 5 flower and 5 food)
– a large bar of knitted dark chocolate with cranberry
– two medium bars of Dragonfruit Nebulae chocolate (dragonfruit, citrus, white pepper) — one of the recipients doesn’t like white chocolate, but I included these in hers anyway because they really don’t taste like white chocolate, which can be a little sickly sweet on its own — these are Kavi’s favorite chocolate bar, and she’s a little annoyed with me that I’ve posted the recipe and didn’t keep it secret to pass down to her, oh well, sorry kiddo, your mom is good at sharing and terrible at keeping secrets…)
– an little confection assortment with cayenne chocolates, milk toffee, blood orange toffee and a little more Dragonfruit Nebulae chocolate (nice for gifting on if you are feeling like this is a lot of sweets for you…)
– spiced hot chocolate mix (with dark chocolate Callebaut chips and mini marshmallows to mix in)
– homemade marshmallows: strawberry-rose, mulled apple cider, dragonfruit/passionfruit
– two big pieces of cashew milk toffee
– two little jars of candy-coated fennel seeds in holiday colors
– crystallized blood orange shortbread
– a few cardamom-rose knitted shortbread cookies
– a few chocolate-cayenne gingerbread dragon egg cookies
– two pieces of Sri Lankan love cake
– two iced rose-pistachio dragon cookies
– one test tube of jasmine & rose black tea
– one yarn ball candle

– five different soaps: knitted mitten (pomegranate-vanilla), knitted tree (fir), ice dragon crystal (sweet orange & naiouli), dragon’s blood egg soap (rosewood, clove, and cinnamon), dragonheart knitted soap (pettigrain and cassia cinnamon)

Whew. Kavi said, as she watched me pick them up, “That’s a lot!” Yes, yes it is.

There’s one more level above this, “Interstellar.” I just need to make a few more items for it… 🙂

Join now to get the “Unicorn Garden” treat box in March… link here.

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