Upcoming Pre-Order Sale

Good morning, folks! BIG pre-order sale this weekend! Maybe you’re vegan or vegetarian yourself, maybe you have a vegan friend or relative, or maybe you’re just looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet. This deal is for you!

I’ve started working on the recipes for Vegan Serendib again (pineapple curry & pineapple pickle this weekend, I think), and am hoping to have the full set of recipes done by the end of February.

We’ll shift into high gear with production at that point, which means it’d be super-helpful to collect funds in advance to pay our cover artist Jeremy John Parker & our editor, Stephanie Bailey
So I’m planning to run a Kickstarter for Vegan Serendib starting on February 1st! Kickstarter is great for improving visibility of fundraising.

That said, Kickstarter does take a percentage, so if you’re planning to buy the book, and you’re in a position to pre-order directly from us, that is even better. 🙂 I was thinking about what I can offer in exchange, to sweeten the deal a bit, and I came up with something pretty spectacular, I think.

Vegan Serendib will have about 40 new recipes added to the vegan recipes already in Feast (which is quite a few).

If you pre-order Vegan Serendib (any edition, $25 – $40) before the Kickstarter launches on 2/1, I will send you a copy of our Vegan Serendib sampler ebook AND a digital copy of Feast.

The digital edition of Feast retails for $25, so that is a VERY SWEET DEAL. (If you are vegan and wouldn’t use Feast yourself, you are free to pass it on to a non-vegan friend.) It’s essentially 2 books for the price of 1, PLUS the Vegan Serendib sampler. (If you’d like the Marshmallow sampler cookbook instead, just ask, though the marshmallows are not vegan, alas.)

Ordering link here! Please like / comments / share to increase visibility! Thanks!

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