My 13-Year Old TikTok Producer and Brand Manager

In other media news, Kavi was a little appalled to discover that I don’t post videos to TikTok for my confections, etc., and I told her that it was in the queue to make little 1 minute videos like that, but I wasn’t good at it, and it’s hard to make a video while you’re also making things with your hands, and she said of course it’d be better if she made the videos and I said if you want to make videos and be my TikTok video producer and brand manager, I am delighted to give you the job, and she said sure, so that is why a 13-year-old is my TikTok video producer and brand manager now, and why Kavi made three 1-minute videos of me making sweets yesterday, and I’m not allowed to post them yet because she researched and apparently the right times to post such things are 7 a.m., 8 a.m., and 4 p.m. (in Chicago’s time zone), but assuming I remember to do so, you will likely see one of them posted in about 90 minutes, and I admit, I feel a little old, but also grateful for a sweetheart of a daughter with some serious tech skills.

(She is currently planning on focusing on art + business in high school, because she’s pretty interested in running a small business, but with strong science classes too, in case she decides she wants to be a doctor after all.)

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