The Efficiency Pleases Me

The efficiency of this Valentine’s order pleases me. Not only did the recipient pick five fabulous sweets (dragonfruit chocolates, passionfruit-honey-lime marshmallows, chai meringue kisses, Sri Lankan cashew milk toffee, and chocolate-dipped crystallized ginger)…

…but she ALSO ordered masks (in two of my favorite patterns, “Calculating the Moon” (by Vincent Desjardins) and “Chasing Fireflies” (by Becca Smith))…

…AND pre-ordered Vegan Serendib. Woot!

I like it, people. I encourage you all to order sweets from me AND lots of other things too. Masks, tea towels, books, etc. You save on shipping this way too.

Pre-orders of Vegan Serendib are especially encouraged, because you’ll get a digital sampler right away, so you can start cooking, and since I’m not shipping physical items for a few months, it helps quite a bit with cash flow, which I’m learning is key to managing a small business, if I want to actually pay my staff. 🙂

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