Scenes From Late-Night Shipping

(And speaking of shipping, hey, I just heard about PirateShip — do you use them? Do you love them? Tell me more.)

How much do I love that these neighbors (on Home, across from Mills Park) did up their house for Valentine’s Day? I love it a lot — I actually parked the car and got out so I could take this picture for you. I picked up a few small outdoor Valentine decorations myself, which I’m hoping to have the energy to put up before the weekend, but nothing like this! Good job, neighbors!

In related news, I do like the effect of these little edible paper hearts on my vanilla-rose heart cookies. They are goofy, and I still kind of wish they actually tasted like something, but en masse, pretty charming. I’d planned to pipe little pink and white dots around the edge, but I ran out of time (and honestly, my hand is shaky and my piping skills are rarely great, so trying to do even dots might have been beyond me). If you’re good at piping, though, that would give these a more finished look, I think.

This order: passionfruit-honey-lime marshmallows (2), milk toffee (2), passionfruit gummies, vanilla-rose cookies, and a knitted heart soap. Such a sweet little package. 🙂

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