A Wacky Giveaway Idea

GIVEAWAY: I had this wacky idea that I would manage to do 31 days of Feast March festivities to celebrate the one year birthday of my cookbook, esp. since the whole book tour, etc. got cancelled last March due to pandemic (worst timing of a book launch ever? I think yes).

But of course, it’s now something like 8 minutes to midnight, and I haven’t actually had the willpower to put together a graphic or a PLAN or anything, maybe tomorrow, but in the meantime, let’s call this a surprise last-minute giveaway post, and I will have gotten it in on the first day of March just barely. Just barely is more than good enough, I say, especially after a year of pandemic.

If you’d like to be entered for a free hardcover copy of Feast to be shipped to your door (or the door of your choosing), comment below. If you add in your favorite South Asian dish (or tell me that you have never actually tasted South Asian food, the sorrow!), I will enter you twice!

Whenever I wake up tomorrow (probably around 7 a.m. CST), the contest will close, and I will use a randomizer to pick a lucky recipient. So this is for all the night owls out there (and the people in other countries who are just in the middle of their workday, I suppose)….

GIVEAWAY! Comment below to enter. (And if you don’t win this one, keep watching this space — there will be more giveaways in March!)

(Likes and shares also very much appreciated for visibility!)

9:51 a.m. update — giveaway is closed! Stay tuned for the next one!

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