Kavi tells me that “boxing” videos are a thing on TikTok. I’m not deft enough to pack and record myself packing on video at the same time, but the spring Patreon Earth tier boxes are going out today, so here’s a set of photos — sort of like a time-lapse video? 🙂 (There’s some variation in the boxes, depending on what I have on hand, but this is basically what’s going in this tier.)

– tissue paper

– caramel chocolate, coconut rock, dragonfruit chocolate (with white pepper and citrus), ruby chocolate, passionfruit marshmallow

– unicorn hibiscus chocolate (with Celtic sea salt and pounded hibiscus)

– hibiscus & vanilla flower cookie

– coconut-cashew milk toffee crumble (nice on ice cream, yogurt, stirred into granola or cereal, or just eaten straight out of the bag)

– more coconut rock (this one is variable, filing up with extra sweets)

– pandan crinkle cookie (ditto variable)

– snowdrop soap (unscented)

– dried flower & resin bookmark

– photo mini bookmarks

– confetti! 🙂

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