One More Hour

One more hour, my local peeps, for this event. (Me pictured wearing one of Madhurima’s fabulous earrings; you can’t have this pair, but she has other delightful options…)

I have to say the main thing that’s sold this time are confections (esp. the sweet samplers) and cakes — the redbud cakes have been selling like hotcakes. Maybe because they’re delicious? Not that people can tell that when they’re wrapped in plastic wrap, but they look delicious, and they ARE delicious. Also curry powder, several. Plus a scarf and a set of greeting cards and an alicorne soap for someone’s little girl, and a constellation pendant w/ necklace.

It’s interesting how differently things sell at different kinds of events — in December, lots of people wanted soaps for little $5 stocking stuffers. I thought they’d be big for Mother’s Day, but I guess not?

Still, it’s a beautiful day, and I’m enjoying myself on my porch (grateful for the shade) with my elderflower rose lemonade (which is kind of ridiculously floral in concept, but also tasty).

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