C’Mon, Coffee, Do Your Thing

I was up late cooking last night, then woke up late, moving very slowly now, but there’s lots I’d like to get through today, so I’m hoping the coffee kicks in soon. I have:

• three Vegan Serendib recipes to write up — DONE
• a meeting with someone interested in volunteering for the SLF — DONE, and yay, Summer will be joining us…
• lots of Serendib packages to put in the mail
• someone asked about my soaps, which is prompting me to go through and actually inventory and photograph them
• I have seedlings that desperately need transplanting, and plants that need watering
• I want to write up my thoughts on the library board four years and post them
• I go for a tour of the high school today, so I get a little sense of the building that I now have shared charge of
• Kevin was able to find an even faster appointment for Kavi, so she’s getting her first shot this afternoon

• this evening is my first school board meeting, which may go late.

Busy day. C’mon, coffee, do your thing…

I spent a few hours yesterday experimenting with ginger-garlic tofu, seitan, and tempeh, trying to find a good replacement for chicken for Vegan Serendib — jackfruit is, of course, the most obvious replacement, but I already have jackfruit curry in the cookbook, so thought I’d offer a different option. Most of the cookbook is traditional Sri Lankan (some of it very old-school traditional), but there’s a little bit of American fusion in there too. 🙂 So I’ll be posting those recipes here shortly, as soon as I wake up a little more…

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