Finishing Up Recipes

I’m trying to finish up the recipes for the cookbook by end of tomorrow, because on Tuesday, we’re launching the Kickstarter. Although that is maybe slightly overambitious, because I think I have 14 dishes left that I want to make:

– spicy mashed green grams — DONE
– beetroot juice — DONE
– thodol — DONE
– steamed appams
– jackfruit & chickpea buns
– banana blossom poriyal
– fenugreek gravy
– rose & hibiscus salad
– rose sambol
– ginger sambol
– lime pickle
– halapa
– bibikan

– jaggery pongal

Well, we’ll see. 🙂 I don’t think I really have to have all 120 recipes finalized before launching the Kickstarter. We’re getting close, though, exciting. I do think it was overambitious trying to do this in a year, initially — I think I have to allow two years to do a decent job on a cookbook like this. Which means Gluten-Free Serendib probably won’t come out until 2023.

Next step once I finish adding recipes will be finding test cooks; I’d like to make sure each recipe has at least 2-3 test cooks. And also re-making a few of them to take better photos — some of the photos from Feast for recipes that are carried over have egg or meat in the photo (from other dishes), and I’d like to avoid having any of that in the vegan cookbook.

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