Let the Games Begin

Aw, you guys. I woke up and realized all my plants were in dire need of water and on the verge of death, so rushed out for a few hours of emergency watering, and so it’s only now that I’m checking on my vegan Sri Lankan cookbook Kickstarter — we’re more than 60% funded in just a day! Thank you, thank you. It’s a weight off my mind.

Please do continue to spread the word! 🙂 I’ll be back shortly with news on who won yesterday’s first day raffle for a free hardcover — but today, we’ll continue with ebook fun. If you comment, like, or share THIS post (maybe with a little note saying what it’s about), you’ll be entered to win an ebook of Vegan Serendib (and we’re happy to send it to a recipient of your choice — you just need to give us their e-mail address).

As for me, I think I’d better start thinking about stretch goals.

What else would you like from me? Gluten-free Serendib will be the next cookbook, probably about 2 years out from here, and I’m hesitant to commit to any full-on cookbooks beyond that. But there are other possibilities:

a) 10 more additional vegan recipes that will be e-mailed to Kickstarter supporters

b) I’ll write a science fiction short story about a Sri Lankan cook

c) I’ll write a fantasy short story about a Sri Lankan cook — with magic!

d) I’ll put together a digital sampler: a baker’s dozen of Sri Lankan cocktail party treats (all vegan) — savory and sweet bites + beverages (including non-alcoholic)

e) A different digital sampler — teatime in Sri Lanka!

f) I’ll commit to writing three food essays this summer and sending them to you

Please feel free to vote for any of these, or suggest more in the comments. (Digital rewards preferred, as anything I have to ship out adds significantly to cost, but if you have a burning desire for a physical object, go ahead and list it — you never know!)

Let the games begin. 🙂

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